Model United Nations
Instructor: Mrs. Harrison-Ward  
TheModel United Nations (MUN) meets on Tuesdays from 3-5.  We have adiverse group of students committed to learning more about global issuesand the work of the United Nations.  Students represent differentcountries and address current topics, using proper parliamentary debateprotocol. 

Leadership:  Azam Chaudry, Secretary-General
                   Waleed Ahmadi, Undersecretary General 
                   Kwabena Sarfo, Secretary
                   Zarina Neff and Daniel Bonsu, UNICEF Co-Chairs
                   Barbara Miller, Faculty Sponsor

Students who have a grade of D+ or lower on summative assessments will be able to correct and resubmit those assessments up to 2 weeks prior to the end of a quarter. Students who have an NHI for an assignment grade will be REQUIRED to attend 21st Century afterschool. The library will be open from 3:15pm-5:15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it will be mandatory for the student to attend and complete work.
Malala Yousufzai nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
 Check out this article about Malala being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Gar-field High School MUN Conference January 11-12
 We had 16 students compete at Gar-field's MUN Conference on January 11-12th.  We commend Gar-field for their challenging committees and well-organized event.
The following students were recognized for awards:

Azam Chaudry and Christopher Bender, first place in UNEP

Najee Jarrett and Nehad Nawaz, first place  in Arab-Israeli War

Laurence Sneed, Verbal Commendation in Arab-Israeli War

Daniel Bonsu and Kwabena Sarfo , Verbal Commendation in SOCHUM. 


Chantilly High School MUN
On January 4-5, we had four of our top Model UN students particpate in Chantilly High School's conference.  These students had to prepare over the winter break. We appreciate their dedicaton.

In Specpol, Azam Chaudry and Daniel Bonsu won Outstanding Delegation (2nd place).
In SOCHUM, Nehad Nawaz and Christopher Bender on Best Delegation (1st place).
Hylton High School Conference
We were pleased to attend the PWMUN conference at Hylton High School on December 3rd and 4th.  Our delegates did well in their committees, winning the following awards:

Verbal Commendation: Kwabena Sarfo and Christopher Bender
Honorable Mention, Azam Chaudry and Zarina Neff
Outstanding Delegation, Daniel Bonsu

Godwin was also honored to receive the award for Best Research for Middle Schools.  We are very proud of that distinction.
 During our GMSMUNI conference on November 17th, we raised $190.00 to help support UNICEF's efforts to increase access to clean water in poor countries.  Thanks to Zarina Neff for her efforts to raise awareness for this issue, and thanks to all who donated.

GMSMUNI: A huge Success!
 Thank you to all who participated in our GMSMUNI Conference on November 17th.  We had five schools come: 3 from Fairfax County (Longfellow, Cooper, and Glascow), 1 from Arlington County (Jefferson), and 1 from Loudoun County (Mercer). After months of planning and hard work, everything went so perfectly.  Our committees and chairs were amazing--and our topics ranged from women's rights in the Middle East, to the refugee crisis resulting from the war in Syria, the world water crisis, to peace in South Sudan. Such a complicated world for our students to be thinking about---I'm proud of all of them. We got great feedback from all who attended, and we look forward to hosting a conference again next November.  

Thank you to all Godwin Model UN Students who worked so hard, especially our Secretary General, Azam Chaudry.  Thank you, also, to our high school chairs: Shahamat Chowdury, Sean Rastatter, Robert Poston, Adam Chaudry, and David Ahmadi.   Also, Thanks to our amazing administration, especially our principal, Mrs. Mitchell, for all your support. 
--Barbara Miller, Faculty Sponsor

Meeting this Thursday, Nov. 1
We will be meeting this Thursday for all delegates going to the George Washington University Conference on Saturday, November 3rd.  

GMSMUNI November 17th
 Dear Sponsors and Delegates, Background guides are now posted in the files section above.  We are looking forward to having you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Also, any schools wishing to participate should contact Barbara Miller as soon as possible. 

GMSMUNI Registration Deadline Extended
Registration for our GMSMUNI Conference has been extended to October 30th.   Schools may submit the online registration form to Barbara Miller, at  See the Invitation and Registration letter above under files. 
GMSMUNI Scheduled for November 17th
Godwin's Model UN is pleased to host our first conference. Sponsors, please check the invitation letter and proposed commitees above, under files.  Registration for this event needs to be by October 15, 2012.
Model UN Meeting, 9-25-12
The Model United Nations will have its first full meeting next Tuesday, September 25, from 3:15-5:00 . There are no late buses until October. Students staying for the meeting must be picked up by parents. You may pick up a permission form on the door of room B-1 to stay after, or see Mrs. Miller if you have any questions.
Welcome Back, Model UN!
Welcome back to all returning delegates!  I was happy to see so many of you during the open house.  We have a busy year ahead of us and need to get going!  We will be meeting with returning delegates early in September to begin to plan this year's initiatives---most importantly,  our own conference at Godwin on November 17th.  We will have a recruitment meeting for new members at a later date.  My office is now located in room B-1.  Please stop by and see me! 

Mrs. Miller

Godwin's Model UN on U.S. Institute of Peace's website
Godwin Middle School visited the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C. on May 9.  We learned about the peacebuilding process and conflict resolution.  We are featured on their website at

The Model UN is grateful to the generosity of the Godwin Middle School Community.  We collected a total of $766.59,  to send to the United Nations International Children's Fund (UNICEF) , to help children in the famine-stricken regions of the Horn of Africa
Model UN Supports UNICEF
All through the month of May, the Model UN is doing a collection for UNICEF--the United Nations International Children's Fund.  We are visiting homerooms in the morning and taking donations.  Much of our focus in debates has been on the crisis in the Horn of Africa--millions of children are at risk from famine and drought. So our donations will be directed toward this emergency fund.  Also, on International Night (May 21st) , we will be doing a debate on the UN's response to this problem, to help raise awareness.
GMSMUN I Scheduled for November 17, 2012
Godwin Middle School's Model UN Conference has been rescheduled for November 17, 2012.  We will have further information later.  If your school is interested in participating, please contact Barbara Miller.
OPMUN II April 20-21
  We were pleased an honored to attend Osbourn Park’s second annual Model UN conference.  Special thanks to the organizers who ran such an excellent conference, and thanks to our parents for being so supportive of our program.

Our students  conducted  themselves with great dignity and distinction.  All of our students were recognized for awards, and Godwin was given a special award as Best Middle School.

Students were recognized for awards in the following committees:

United Nations Security Council (UNSC):
Verbal Commendation:  Layla Alnozaily and  Alileah Alnozaily, representing Morocco
Honorable Mention (3rd Place):  Nida Nawaz and Zarina Neff, representing China
Honorable Mention (3rd Place): Burhan Rafi and Rabia Sajid, representing India
Honorable Mention (3rd Place) : Victoria Waring, representing Portugal
Outstanding Delegation (2nd Place):  Diana Burgos and Fareeza Zameer, representing France
Best Delegation (1st Place):  Najee  Jarrett and Nehad Nawaz, representing the United States

 Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC):
**Outstanding Delegation (2nd Place):  Kidus Telemariam and Jocelyn Sorto, representing Spain.

 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO):
**Verbal Commendation:   Daniel Bonsu and Kwabena Sarfo, representing Luxembourg

 Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC):
**Honorable Mention (3rd Place):  Azam Chaudry and Waleed Ahmadi, representing Algeria


** (Note: they were the only middle school students in this committee).



GMSMUN I Important Announcement
Dear Sponsors and Fellow MUN Delegates:
Since we have not had enough schools register to have our conference on May 5th,  we are canceling the conference for this year.   We hope to have a conference next year earlier in the year, so more schools would be able to participate.  Many thanks to our Secretary General Azam Chaudry and USG Waleed Ahmadi for their valuable input in planning this conference.  Also, thanks to the students from Gar-field High School's Model UN program who graciously offered their time to chair our committees.
WashMUN III Conference 3/3
 We were honored to attend the WashMUN III conference at Washington-Lee High School on March 3rd.  The conference was professionally run, with very interesting committees, and a guest speaker from the World Bank. 

We had a total of 17 students particpate, including 2 new delegates: Diana Burgos and Elizabeth Keith.
Special thanks to parents for being so supportive of their children, helping them to prepare, and getting them to the conference.

The following students were recognized for awards:

Disarmament and International Security (DISEC):
Best Delegation (First Place): Kidus Teklemariam and Kwabena Sarfo
Verbal Commendation: Najee Jarrett and Joel Safo

Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM):
Outstanding Delegation (Second Place): Waleed Ahmadi

Special Political and Decolonialization Committee (SPECPOL):

Honorable Mention (Third Place): Azam Chaudry and Daniel Bonsu
Verbal Commendation: Zarina Neff and Nehad Nawaz

United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP):
Outsanding Delegation (Second Place): Victoria Waring

Irish Republican Army (IRA)
Honorable Mention (Third Place): Fareeza Zameer

British Crown:

Verbal Commendation: Abdullah Shahid

Gar-field FACCMUN Conference, January 14, 2012
We were honored to participate in Gar-field High School’s FACCMUN Conference on January 14th.    We had 18 students who represented Godwin with great respect and dignity. We were especially pleased to have several new delegates attending their first conference: Najee Jarrett, Bobby Meyers, Victoria Waring, Basel Osman, Ashma Pradhan, and Kidus Teklemariam. 
Special thanks to the parents who are so supportive of their children and our program. Also thank you to Gar-field’s MUN program for hosting.
The following delegates were recognized for Verbal Awards (4th place):
Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM):
Victoria Waring and Kidus Teklemariam, representing South Africa.
Layla Alnozaily and Bobby Meyers, representing Indonesia
United Nations Office for Outers Space Affairs (UNOOSA):
Alileah Alnozaily  and Fareeza Zameer, representing South Africa
Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC):
Abdullah Shahid and Jocelyn Sorto, representing South Africa
Hylton High School Conference
We were honored to participate in  the Prince William Model United Nations (PWMUN)  Conference at Hylton High School with several area middle and high schools,  on Dec 2nd and 3rd. We took 15 delegates ( a new Godwin record)  and all of them performed with honor and great respect.

The following delegates were recognized for awards:
Treaty of Versailles Committee:
Best Delegation (1st Place): Daniel Bonsu and Kwabena Sarfo,  representing France.
Verbal Commendation: Bryce Hancock and Zarina Neff,  representing Japan.
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Committee:
Best Delegation (1st  Place): Azam Chaudry and Waleed Ahmadi , representing Norway.
Outstanding Delegation (2nd Place:) Joel Safo and Nehad Nawaz , representing  Sweden.
Honorable Mention: (3rd Place): Jocelyn Sorto and Fareeza Zameer , representing Chile.
Honorable Mention (3rd Place): Burhan Rafi and Alileah Alnozaily, representing France.
GWCIA XVI Conference, Nov. 5, 2011
We were very proud to participate at our first conference sponsored by a university.  George Washington University's College of International Affairs is one of the most prestigious in the country, and they did a wonderful job hosting 14 different middle schools and almost 400 students.  Our students represented Godwin very well with great respect and dignity.

The following students were recognized for awards:

Best Delegate (First Place): Waleed Ahmadi, representing Qatar in the League of Arab States (LAS).

 Outstanding Delegation (2nd place): Zarina Neff and Joel Safo, representing the USA in the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC).

 Outstanding Delegation (2nd place): Daniel Bonsu and Kwabena Sarfo, representing Uganda in the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Honorable Mention: Abdullah Shahid, representing Gabon in the African Union (AU).

Honorable Mention: Bryce Hancock, representing Bosnia in the UN Security Council (UNSC).


The Girl Who Silenced the World
A 13-year old girl addresses the UN Environmental Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
United Nations Official Website


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