Mission Statement

The counseling staff at Hampton Middle School will assist students in understanding their personal, social, and academic strengths and achievements. We will provide a comprehensive, counseling curriculum that will further assist students in creating a high school plan that explores their various interests and aspirations. By developing the knowledge, understanding, skills, and aptitudes necessary to fulfill future goals, all students can evolve into responsible citizens and life-long learners.


The counselors at Hampton Middle School will establish a personal relationship that will address the needs of all students. Our comprehensive, counseling program is one that embraces the individuality of each student while supplying them with the resources needed to make positive decisions about personal, social and academic endeavors. We strongly encourage our students to set goals and take the steps towards achieving them, so that they will become productive 21st century learners.


Beliefs & Goals

The professional school counselors at Hampton Middle School believe:

  • All students have the potential to fulfill their goals and have the ability to learn at high levels
  • When students are genuinely encouraged to demonstrate their academic, personal/social, and occupational strengths, they become productive members of society at large
  • When students are exposed to stable and consistent support systems, they are enabled to exercise their personal best and the expectation for them to soar is accomplished
  • All students, parents, and faculty should be treated with respect and dignity
  • We serve as liaisons for the students and parents both outside and within the school community

And that the Hampton Middle School comprehensive counseling program should:

  • Embrace the uniqueness of each student in the diverse population
  • Encourage students to set tangible goals and take steps towards reaching them
  • Provide a nurturing environment which will motivate students to achieve individualized academic, personal/social, and career goals necessary to succeed in their middle school years and beyond
  • Encompass classroom guidance, small groups, individual counseling, and rapport establishment with all students and parents
And that the counselors at Hampton Middle School should:
  • abide by all standards set forth by the American School Counselor Association’s code of ethics
  • Participate in professional development activities which will enhance each counselor’s professional and personal growth