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Tuesday, June 9th Optional Work

1. Complete the end of class survey.
Student Login

Have a great summer!

Tuesday, June 2nd Optional Work

1. First, complete the short Kahoot activity on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math careers or (STEM).
2. Next, review the Introduction to English (Customary) and Metric Measurement presentation.
2. Then, apply what you've learned by playing the customary and metric ruler games.

Iyou have any questions or would like to share, email me at

Tuesday, May 26th Optional Work
We have 2 weeks remaining on the VA Workplace Readiness Skills. This week focuses on Teamwork and Leadership. 
1.  Download and review the 2 presentations.  Teamwork.  Leadership.  
2. Email Mr. Ruhlman at to answer the following questions.
A. Tell me about a time your were working on a team and the team didn't agree.  How did you resolve the disagreement?
B. Got to Slide 5 of the Leadership presentation.  Which of the 3 leadership styles applies to you?  Explain why.

Tuesday, May 19th Optional Work

This week will will continue working on the VA Workplace Readiness Skills that are part of all CTE classes in Virginia.

1. Review the following 2 PowerPoints on Time Management and Problem Solving.

2. You can download a note taking sheet HERE to help you follow along.

3. Once finished with the PowerPoints, go to to answer a couple open ended questions.     Student Login     Room Name: HAMPTONMS

Tuesday, May 12th Optional Work

This week will will continue working on the VA Workplace Readiness Skills that are part of all CTE classes in Virginia.

1. Review the following 2 PowerPoints. Appearance and Desirable Traits.
These presentations will cover the importance of maintaining a professional appearance and describe traits employees want to see in their employees. 
You can download a note taking sheet HERE to help you follow along.

2. After you have reviewed the PowerPoints, click HERE to take a short quiz.
Click STUDENT LOGIN and the room name is HAMPTONMS.

Tuesday, May 5th Optional Work

Let's all take a closer look at the Design Process:

1. First, download and review the Design Process PowerPoint presentation.

2. Next, watch the Design Squad Cardboard Furniture video. It may take a few short minutes to open. While watching, try to identify the steps of the Design Process used to create each furniture piece. Also, note how successful each team, Green and Purple, is in following the process. When finished, send me a short e-mail describing each team's strengths and weaknesses.

If you have any questions, email me at

Thursday, April 30th

Reminder: Office hours today 1:30-3:00
I will be online and available to answer your emails.

Tuesday, April 28th Optional Work
This week all classes will work with the IBMYP Design Cycle.  All CTE classes in the IB Programme revolve around the Design Cycle.  The Design Cycle is a process to solve problems and create solutions.  

Part 1: Download and review the Design Cycle PowerPoint

Part 2: Go to  select STUDENT LOGIN.  Room name = HAMPTONMS Slide 14 has a "design cycle problem" for you.  You will use the design cycle steps to solve the problem.  You will record work on Socrative. Once I have your response, I will review it and provide feedback.

As always, if you have any questions email me at  I will be checking my email several times today.

Thursday, April 23rd
Office hours today from 1:30-3:00.  I will be at my computer at this time to answer any questions.  I will also be checking email regularly the rest of the day.

Wednesday, April 22nd
Yesterdays assignment is still active.  If you didn't get a chance to complete the assignment yesterday, just follow the instructions from yesterdays post.  

Tuesday April 21st Optional Work
6th, 7th, and 8th grade will all have the same assignment this week.  This assignment will cover several of the Virginia Workplace Readiness Skills. (The first 25 competencies of all CTE classes.)  

The topic this week is Decision Making.  We will examine the decision making process as well as the factors that influences the decision making process.

Download the DECISION MAKING PROCESS PowerpPoint.  
Review the PowerPoint including the quiz at the end. Answers to the quiz are in the notes section.
After you have reviewed the PowerPoint, taken the quiz, and check answers:
go to
Click Student Login
Room name is steelers
Enter your first and last name so I know who you are.
Answer the questions. Your score will be displayed when you finish.  You are welcome to complete the quiz as many times as you want, just log back in.
If you have any questions or problems, email me. I will be checking my email throughout the day.

Thursday, April 16th
Office Hours today from 1:30-3:00.  I will be at my computer the entire time to answer questions or concerns.
I will also be checking my email several times throughout the day so don't hesitate to email me sooner.

Wednesday, April 15th Update
This update was also sent to all students and parents through the HUB.

Good afternoon!

First off I am missing all of you and hoping you are staying safe.

You have probably heard by now that PWCS is using a Virtual Schoolhouse to finish the year.  The following are details that pertain to my classes.

Tuesdays from 10-11:30 are your work times for tech classes.  I will post new work, resources, etc every Tuesday morning.

Thursdays from 1:30-3:00 are my Office Hours.  I will be at my computer this entire time and will answer questions as soon as I can.

***All other days I will be checking my email several times a day.  So you don't have to wait until my specific office hours.  

All work is OPTIONAL and NOT GRADED.  It will be review type work that relates to the topics we've already covered in the 3rd quarter.

Even though the 3rd quarter ends April 24th, you will stay in quarter 3 encore.  This is because no new information can be taught so you won't move to a new 4th quarter class. 


If you have any questions or concerns please email me at


Stay safe,

Mr. Ruhlman

Tuesday, April 14th Optional Work

6th Grade: Go to the site  Choose any length and any type of test.  Your goal is to beat 30wpm.  Take a screenshot of your best score and email it to Mr. Ruhlman.   If you reach the 30wpm goal quickly, try going to and try out some exciting game to improve your skills.

7th Grade: Career Comparison. Open this WORKSHEET and follow the instructions. You will visit the website and compare 3 career from the career cluster of your choice.  You will look at daily tasks, education needed, salaries, etc.

8th Grade: Digital Distractions.  Login to your accounts.  I have added the Digital Responsibility module to your account.  There is only 1 unit called Digital Distractions.  Watch the lesson and complete this WORKSHEET.  Save and email to Mr. Ruhlman
If you do not remember your login, you can use the reset tool that will send you an email or you can send me a message and I will reset it for you.

Monday, April 13th
Welcome back.  There are some important updates below:
1. Optional, Ungraded work begins again tomorrow.
2. All work is review or extension on topics we have already covered.  No new topics will be covered per PWCS guidelines.  
3. Even though 3rd quarter grading ends April 24th, you will "stay in 3rd quarter encore."  Since no new topics can be covered you will not move on to your 4th quarter class.

4. OPTIONAL work starting April 14th DETAILS:
-Tech classes work times are Tuesdays from 10-11:30.  Each week I will provide work or resources for you to work on during that time
-Office Hours: Thursdays from 1:30-3:00 I will be online to help with anything you need.  (I will be checking email daily.)

-Now to May 1st work will be posted on this webpage. Starting May 1st the county is moving to Canvas.  Updates will be coming on that shortly.

Stay safe!!

Saturday, April 4th
Happy Spring Break!!!
I got ahead of myself Wednesday. There will be no new work this week.  Enjoy your Spring Break the best you can while staying safe!!  New resources and activities will start April 14th.   Be safe!

Wednesday, April 1st
Happy April Fools Day.  They are still working on restoring 3rd quarter classes on Clever.  Your work still saves on your account, I just can't see it right now.  Once they restore access, I will be able to see what you've done.  

Plans for next week: I am getting some new resources together for next week.  This will offer some more options that might be more exciting to some.  This may all change based on the School Board Meeting tonight.

Whole School Announcement: From Mrs. Hendrickse, Yearbooks are on sale until April 23rd.  They are only available online at the following website using the provided code.      Then enter the ID Code: 13460320

Tuesday, March 31st
CLEVER UPDATE: As today was SUPPOSE to start the 4th quarter, my classes in Clever have changed. For the time being I can not see 3rd quarter classes.  They are working to fix this and I should have access to them soon.  I can't see what you've been working on right now but I know many of you have continued working hard.   BE SAFE!

Monday, March 30th.
I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.  Below are OPTIONAL and NOT graded activities you are welcome to do to reinforce the content we covered in the 3rd quarter.  If you have any questions, please email me.  I am checking my email several times a day.

NON-SCHOOL update:  Mrs. Ruhlman and I are happy to announce that baby #2 is a GIRL!!!   We are both super excited and can't wait until August.  For those of you that had her, she would love to hear from you at

Virtual Learning
Please see below for optional growth activities.

6th Grade-STEM Solutions
--Link to class competencies.
--Competencies covered so far: 1-38 and 50-61.
**Optional growth activities
-Login to through Clever.  Continue with 1 lesson from the Advanced Course per day.  
***Keys to Success- Use proper technique, follow on screen prompts to ensure you are using the correct finger for each key, look at the screen not your hands!
-To track progress, take the 3 minute test and compare your WPM to your old scores.

7th Grade-Career Investigations
--Link to class competencies.
--Competencies covered so far: 1-41.
**Optional growth activities
-Login to Virtual Job Shadow through Clever. Revisit your CCIS survey from the beginning of the class.  Start with your top cluster and watch 2-3 career videos per day.  To check your understanding, each career video has a 5 question quiz.  
-If you decide your top cluster is not for you, continue to the the 2, 3, etc as desired.

8th Grade-STEM Applications
--Link to class competencies.
--Competencies covered so far: 1-30, 39-57, and 63-66
**Optional growth activities
-Login to Clever then choose  You will need to use your best judgement for your level of typing skill.  Once you have determined your level (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced) complete 1 lesson per day.  
***Keys to Success- Use proper technique, follow on screen prompts to ensure you are using the correct finger for each key, look at the screen not your hands!
-To track progress, take the 3 minute test once per week and compare scores.


 Keyboarding imageImage result for microsoft officeImage result for career investigationsImage result for workplace readiness skillsthis image displays the many attributes of digital Citizenship



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