Regi Stinnett Lawlor
cell phone - 703 622 4838

Class Description: Our sixth grade social studies class will continue with communication and teamwork between teachers, parents, and students.  Our priority is to provide continued educational opportunities that enhance the development of social science skills.  Parents and students will be able to access our content through school messenger and Team pages established in your child's office 365 accounts.  I will continue to communicate with parents and students through The Hub. My cell phone has been provided.  Please do not hesitate to text or call with concerns as we are all learning the best way to provide an enriching educational experience.
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To Parents and Students – During the initial stages of online instruction in PWCS, our priority besides the health and safety of our school community is that each member of our community have access to the technology they need.

PWCS will be providing information through various modes.  One of these is the GHMS website.  Teachers have individual class pages.  Class pages will contain announcements and website information.  Assignments and specific class information will be in the SLMS location of the class page.

What if I can’t login to GHMS SLMS?

1.  Go to GHMS website – click on Students

2.  Go to PWCS information - click on PWCS password reset

3.  This should provide a new temporary passcode.

Clever – PWCS has established this helpful (go to) for shortcuts to many of the enrichment and review websites provided to all our students.  Access to Microsoft Teams is also provided on this website.

Office 365 – Students have used their Office 365 accounts for E-mail and online testing. Students and Parents can access Microsoft Teams through this account as well.

The Hub – The Hub will continue to be used for E-mails.  There are difficulties for some students accessing grades at this time.

Five Ponds US1 Sixth Grade History Textbook with audio version -

Username: HamptonS
Password: 22193S
(Please use capitals where indicated

Week One of Instruction - March 30 - April 3
Chapter 6  Build a Nation The Constitution - Audio book pages 110 - 114