Class: Monday 10 - 11:30am
Office Hours: Wednesday 1 - 3pm

Updates 5/11

  • This week, May 11 - 17, Create a list of 5 - 7 songs that would make a “day in the life” soundtrack for you. I’ve attached one of mine in Teams for you to see. Choose school-appropriate songs, list the title AND artist, and why it fits you/your day. As always, you may choose to send in creations from Chrome Music Lab and I will be happy to give feedback.
  • This week, students will listen to and identify musical themes in Star Wars. Go to Star Wars Themes and complete the form. If students prefer, they may continue to create and advance in last weeks assignment below.
  • [April 27] students can go to Chrome Music Lab and email or comment on Microsoft Teams with a link to something they create, or do the MusicRacer Tutorial and assignment available in Microsoft Teams.
  • My goal for class is to have students create music with their instruments and the linked production/looping sites, Respond to music, and Connect to the arts and broader music careers. Right now, students can use their school login to experiment with the links in CLEVER, and share their creations in their Microsoft Team.
  • Check Out CLEVER for access to a growing collection of fun music games and activities that can be done at any time and with varying connectivity requirements.
  • Clever includes resources and activities that do not require instruments, but explore music creation, performance, listening, and connection.
  • No new grades will be posted but students may submit previous assignments (practice logs or gears playing tests) through email or teams.

Standards Developed In Class -- MIB 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17

Standards To Be Highlighted with Distance Learning --

MIB.8  The student will use music composition as a means of expression

MIB.19 The student will explore historical and cultural aspects of music

MIB.20 The student will analyze and evaluate music

MIB.21 The student will investigate aesthetic concepts related to music