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Directions for accessing class information and assignments:

During this time students will be able to use MS Teams page to access optional review assignments and resources. 
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Useful Links
Students can also access Clever and use the following apps for review:

  • Jlabs SOL Review Practice Tests
  • Gizmo (Math and Science Simulations)
  • Phet (Math and Science Simulations)
  • Study Island (Math and Science Games and Practice)
  • Formative (previously assigned practice and review questions)

 Content covered prior to March 13, 2020:

Unit 1 The Nature of Matter: PS.2, PS. 5 a-b, PS.1

·         Particle theory of matter

·         Elements, compounds, mixtures, acids, bases, and salts

·         Solids, liquids and gases

·         Physical/chemical properties

·         Characteristics of different matte

·         Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy

·         Science process skills (infused)

Unit 2 Structure and Organization of Matter PS. 3 a-b, PS. 4 a-c, PS.1

·         Historical models of atomic structure: Current model of atomic structure

·         Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford and Bohr

·         Periodic table

·         Elements, symbols, atomic number, atomic mass, chemical families and periods

·         Metals, metalloids and nonmetals

·         Compound bonding (ionic and covalent)

·         Science process skills (infused)  

Unit 3 Forms of Energy and Transformations PS. 5 c, PS. 6 a-b, PS.1

·         Nuclear reactions (Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy

·         Potential and kinetic energy Ø Transfer and transforming of energy

·         Mechanical, chemical, electrical, thermal, radiant, and nuclear energy

·         Science process skills (infused)

Unit 4 Thermal Energy and Heat PS.7, PS.1

·         Temperature scales (Celsius, Kelvin and absolute zero)

·         Phase changes

·         Conduction, convection and radiation

·         Applications of thermal energy

·         Science process skills (infused)

Unit 5 Sound PS.8, PS.1

·         Characteristics of sound waves and applications of sound

·         Science process skills (infused)

Unit 6 Light PS.9, PS.1

·         Transverse waves, EMS and applications of light

·         Science process skills (infused)

Content that was not covered prior to March 13, 2020:

Unit 7 Work, Force, and Motion PS.10, PS.1

·         Speed, velocity, and acceleration

·         Newton’s laws of motion

·         Work, force, mechanical advantage, efficiency, and power

·         Technological applications of work, force, and motion.

·         Science process skills (infused)


Unit 8 Electricity and Magnetism PS.11

·         Static electricity, current electricity, and circuits

·         The relationship between a magnetic field and an electric current

·         Electromagnets, motors, and generators and their uses

·         Conductors, semiconductors, and insulators

·         Science process skills (infused)