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My work area when I was in grad school
This my work area while doing distance learning in grad school- don't be like me by keeping a messy area.

Current as of 4/01/2020 
Due to the closures, please go to Clever for more resources on how to get MS Teams, interesting reads, and simulations. I have posted four optional labs for the students to perform and other review materials for the students to look over.

Coronavirus Class Schedule (4/15/2020):

Our class time is now Wednesday 8:30 am - 10:00 am. I will have an approximately 30 minute review meeting on MS Teams and an hour for the assignment, which will include webquests/critical thinking questions, PhET simulations, and activities.

Predominately I will be using Microsoft Teams for review . I plan on utilizing videos in MS Teams as well as standard notes in the app.  As of right now on MS Teams, I have my notes from PS 2 through PS 8.

For class sessions, such as for questions and instruction, I will be using MS Teams. I will record a video lesson and post it to MS Teams.. I will send out the MS Teams invitations the night prior to the meeting with the information on what we will be covering.

I will be utilizing Study Island as well as other resources again- the link will be in the useful link tab.

Videos on How to Login into MS Teams and Clever

Logging into MS Teams:

Logging into Clever:

Topics Covered as of 3/12/2020

PS 1: Scientific Investigation
PS 2: Matter
PS 3: Atomic Structure Timeline
PS 4: The Periodic Table
PS 5: Changes in Matter and the Law of Conservation of Mass
PS 6: Types of Energy
PS 7: Thermal Energy
PS 8: Sound Energy
PS 9a-d: Light Energy (properties of waves, lens and mirrors, and the electromagnetic spectrum)

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Office Hours:
Monday: 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
I will however will check my email often and will respond back as soon as possible.  

We will be using JLab Science 8 SOL practice test. Each week there will be an assignment consisting of 20 questions that will be emailed to me.