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Math 8                                     Algebra 1

Update as of April 24, 2020

The topics/activities below are optional but I highly encourage all of my students to participate and work on all the lessons listed below.

The format will be:

Monday: Resources will be available. Click the corresponding topic on a given week and you will be directed to our class resources. I highly suggest that you read/watch all assigned resources.

Tuesday: Join our Zoom session IF YOU WANT to ask clarifications or if you want to get some assistance regarding the topic. Please email me Monday night if you will be able to attend the virtual meeting so that I can send the invitation before the meet.

Zoom hours
8:30 - 9:25 AM (Math 8) 
9:26 to 10:00 AM (Algebra 1)

Teams assignment will be posted. The topic is based on the list of topics below. All assignment should be turned-in the following Wednesday at 10 AM

Dreambox focus lesson will be assigned by request if additional practice is needed. Please click the link below on how to access Dreambox.

                     <<Link: HOW to access Dreambox>>

 Date             Math 8 Topics Date             Algebra 1 topics 
 April 28  Simple Interest  April 28 Solving Multi Step-Equations
 May 5  Percent of Change  May 5 Characteristics of Linear Function
 May 12  Pythagorean Theorem  May 12 Linear Functions-Equations of Lines
 May 19  Equations  May 19 Linear Functions-Equations of Lines Part 2
 May 26  Inequalities  May 26 Factoring
 June 02  Surface Area and Volume  June 02  Systems of Linear Equations
 June 09  Functions  June 09  Inequalities

Update as of April 13, 2020
Below, you will find our weekly schedule. Note that our Zoom meet-up is optional and will be used to help students improve their grade for the 3rd marking period.
8:30 - 10:00 AM Every Tuesday Virtual Help
12:00 - 1:30 PM Every Thursday Office Hours


Updates as of March 26, 2020

Important Information 
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Despite of the closure of all schools in Virginia, we will continue to provide specific growth-producing feedback to any students who choose to review/extend what they have learned this school year.  Although I have no plans in giving new graded work as of right now, I am more than willing to assist any students who would like to improve their grade for the 3rd marking period.

Optional class Resources and Materials

All class materials and resources can be accessed using the navigation bar in the left (if using a computer) or the plus icon above, to the right of my name, if using a mobile device. It will be the same thing as what we have been doing before.

💡💡 For Algebra 1, check Videos and Announcements section. Check additional resources by clicking here

💡💡 For Math 8, please check Resources/IXL  and Study Island Session/Video Links section. Check additional resources by clicking 

Standards of Learning that have been covered as of March 12. Click your class below:
📖📖 Math 8  
📖📖 Algebra 1  

List of IXL's that you can optionally do at home. Click your class below:

💻💻 Math 8  
💻💻 Algebra 1 

Access textbook at home Click your class below:

🕮 Math 8  Choose Big Ideas Math COURSE 3

🕮 Algebra 1  Choose Big Ideas Math Algebra 1

Link for our Clever page and Microsoft Teams.  Please use your computer login and password.

📓Algebra 1: Clever page      
📚Algebra 1: Microsoft Teams PC
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📓Math 8: Clever page
📚Math 8 Microsoft Teams PC
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Class Schedule: 


8:00 – 8:20


Period 2

8:20 – 9:13

Algebra 1

Period 3

9:16 – 10:03


Period 4

10:06 – 10:56

Algebra 1

Period 5

10:59– 11:49
Math 8

Period 6

11:52– 1:15

Math 8


12:35– 1:03
Back to room @ 12:58

Period 7

1:18 – 2:05


Period 8

2:08 – 2:58

Pre-IB Algebra 1

Teaching Hours:

Monday-Friday 08:00 - 2:58  

Planning Period:
Tuesday-Friday 1:20 - 2:00 

*Please call during my planning times to provide optimal teaching time during the day. If you should need me at a different time, please call the office at 703-670-6166 or email me at


How to Set-up Calendar Alerts:
If your child is in my class, and you would like to receive email alerts for items posted to my calendar, you may view step-by-step directions here:

Please note: You will receive a separate email alert for each calendar you choose to subscribe to.