Shaimaa Yousfi

Class Description: Self-contained ESOL/Language Arts is designed for English language learners in levels 1-2. The classes offer direct, explicit English language instruction, using systematic, developmentally appropriate materials and strategies. Students gets instruction in content and language in order to develop their overall literacy skills.
Co-Taught Language Arts classes are co-taught by a language Arts teacher and an ESOL teacher, to provide all of the above skills, and targeted instruction to prepare students for the end-of-year Language Arts SOL Test. 

Class Description: 7th Grade Language Arts

Distance Learning Update: Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy. We will be doing class through Office Teams from now on. All students have access to Office 365. Go to and sign in. From here you can click on Teams and your student will be able to see their class Team page. I am posting this message in multiple locations so that everyone knows what is going on with class. 

Mrs. Yousfi’s Virtual Learning Schedule


8:30 – 10:00
Student Work Time

Language Arts



12:00 – 1:30
(Office Hours)
Teachers Available for Parent / Student Contact and Support

Language Arts
General, ESOL and Special Education Teachers


10:00 – 11:30
Student Work Time

Daily Support Class
for Math or Reading
EL Instruction


Class Schedule: 

Period 1 - Room E 301

8:10 – 8:40

8:10 – 8:20


Homeroom - Monday (M)

Homeroom –Tuesday –Friday


Period 2 - Room E 307

M 8:43 – 9:27

T-F 8:23 – 9:13

Language Arts


Period 3 E 301

9:30 – 10:20 9:16 – 10:06


Period 4 - Room E 307

M 10:23 – 11:40

T-F 10:09 – 11:29

Language Arts 7

Co-taught – Mr. Holsopple

Lunch: 10:26 – 10:54

Period 5 - Room D 205

M 11:50 – 12:30

T-F 11:50 – 12:22

Social Studies 6

Co-taught – Mrs. Everett

Period 6 E 307/D 201

12:33 – 1:20 12:25 – 1:12


Period 7 - Room D 201

M 1:23 – 2:10

T-F 1:15 – 2:05

Language Arts 7


Period 8 - Room E 307

M 2:13 – 2:58

T-F 2:08 – 2:58

Language Arts 7

Co-taught – Mr. Holsopple



Office Hours:
Enter Day of the Week: 7:55-3:10    Please call during my planning times to provide optimal teaching time during the day. If you should need me at a different time, please call the office (703-670-6166 or email me.

PARENTS:    How to Set-up Calendar Alerts:
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Please note: You will receive a separate email alert for each calendar you choose to subscribe to.  


Announcements and Assignments

    Class Announcements and Assignments can be found at

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