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Kristina Whittle

7th Grade Science

Objectives Covered This Year:
Scientific Method
Cell Structure
Cellular Respiration
Mitosis & Meiosis
Characteristics of Living Things
Plant Cells versus Animal Cells
DNA & Heredity
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Review for the DNA & Heredity Unit has been posted on the OfficeTeams site. Students may access these review materials by logging in to their Office365 account and checking their email. OfficeTeams sends out email notifications when new materials are posted. A variety of options have been posted. Please join us!

 Coronavirus Class Schedule: 

Virtual Class Meetings via ZOOM.
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Online Learning Resources:

Prince William County Schools provides high quality resources and tools to PWCS students and staff. The information below provides information about our resources and tools and how they can be accessed by staff and students.  

·         Office 365 (OneNote, OneDrive, Teams, Teams Meeting (Skype), Word, Excel, PowerPoint,)  Outlook E-Mail and Conversations in Class Teams in Office 365, Grades 3-12: 

o    http://login.microsoftonline.com/  


·         Clever https://clever.com/in/pwcs/ or access the Clever app in the Office 365 Waffle 

o    Clever is a single sign on portal that provides our students and teachers with easy access to many curriculum resources and tools  

o    Clever can be access using a student’s Microsoft Office 365 credentials which should be their PWCS login followed by @pwcs-edu.org   

§  Applications available to all students in Clever include: 

·         BrainPOP 

·         Code.org 

·         Kodable 

·         Newsela 

·         Worldbook Online 

§  Individual schools purchase additional applications that are made available to students.   


·         Discovery Education https://pwcs.discoveryeducation.com/  

o    Access to high quality digital content that supports curriculum (video, audio, images, text) 

o    Students can create multimedia projects 

·         VoiceThread https://pwcs.ed.voicethread.com  

o    Students and staff log in with their PWCS login, not email 

o    VoiceThread is a communication, collaboration, and creation tool that allows users to create, share, and interact with content 

·         Adobe SPARK  

o    Accessed through Office 365 

o    Adobe Spark is a cloud-based creation/publication tool that integrates a variety of media