Angela P. Jackson


Coronavirus Update: 3/26/2020


Due to the recent pandemic situation that we are all facing we want all our students to be safe and healthy in their houses.

I will keep this web page updated and will use SLMS, Clever, and School Messenger Notification page to keep you posted with resources that you can use to practice and improve your science skills while this is over (Optional).
Students will need to login into their Office 365 accounts to access Clever. While this format is new to all of us, thank you for your patience.


SLMS is where you will find your assignments and how to use clever in case the link above does not work.

Remember you can enter all the web pages with your PWCS account. The same you use to get in a PWCS computer. 

                         7th Grade Science Objectives Covered This Year:
                                                    Scientific Method
                                                       Cell Structure
                                                    Cellular Respiration
                                                       Mitosis & Meiosis
                                              Characteristics of Living Things
                                              Plant Cells versus Animal Cells
                                                        DNA & Heredity

Double Helix.png

Review for the DNA & Heredity Unit will be posted on the OfficeTeams site. Students may access these review materials by logging in to their Office365 account and checking their email. OfficeTeams sends out email notifications when new materials are posted. A variety of options have been posted. Please join us!

We will be using to have video - conference meetings just to check in and solve doubts. Download the app and get ready to keep learning. Instruction will be sent by email. (These are not going to be online classes, They will be to check on you and see how your online leaning is going - Optional-).

Office hours: Mon-Thurs 11am-3pm. If you should need me at a different time, please email me at
Science class meetings: Wednesdays @8:30am-10am

Announcements and Assignments:

Assignments are not going to be assign until further notice.
you will find Announcements and practice on the pages mentioned above. 

Please make those links Favorite in your browser. You will need to login Students- your computer login/password  and parents- Parent Portal login/password