Amber Hovey

Class Description:

  • Math 7: A one year course that includes all of Virginia's Seventh Grade Standards of Learning for Mathematics.  Students enrolled in this course will take the Grade 7 Mathematics Standards of Learning test.
  • Math 7X: (Pre-Algebra) A one year course that includes the balance of Seventh Grade Standards of Learning for Mathematics and all of the Eighth Grade Standards.  Students enrolled in this course will take the Grade 8 mathematics Standards of Learning test. 



The county is now entering Phase 4 of distance learning.  Each week, teachers will have specific times reserved for office hours and instructional practice.  For the remainder of the year, our class will be having Zoom meetings on Tuesday mornings.  Math 7 students will meet from 8:30-9:15 and Math 7 extended students will meet from 9:15 till 10.  These meetings will consist of instruction, practice, and activities. Invitations with the meeting link and code will be emailed one day prior.  On Thursdays from 12-1:30 I will be holding office hours.  Please know that these are not the only times that I am available, but these are the times I am “instantly” available.  Realize that if I am responding to a student it may still take a few minutes for me to get to you, but I will get to everyone. 





 Students may find links to Study Island, IXL and other recommended resources by signing into Clever and clicking on our class page.  The login for Clever is the same login that students use for Office 365. 

*Please Note* The login for Khan Academy is different from the Clever/Office 365 login. 
Each student's username and password was emailed to both student and their parents on 3/24.  
 If you did not receive this information, or need it resent, please contact me at the email address listed at the top of this page. 

Previous units can be found on the class calendars located on the left of the page. Clicking on the unit title will bring up a detailed explanation of the SOLs covered.