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Jamar D. Tyler

Class Description:
Sixth Grade Special Education Math

Hello Everyone!
At this time, teachers are not assigning any graded material.  We can only provide practice of content we have already covered.  Please select USEFUL LINKS on the left to practice and review math at home.  Also, see QUIZIZZ codes below! I will keep this web page updated to keep you posted with resources that you can use to practice and improve your math skills.

Please stay safe and healthy!

Below are the SOLs we have covered this year.  Please continue to practice these skills on IXL and Study Island.  Please email me if you need your username or password.

Math 6:
6.1 Ratios
6.2 Fraction, Decimal & Percent Equivalence
6.3 Integers and Absolute Value
6.4 Exponents and Perfect Squares
6.5 Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
6.6 Operations with Integers
6.12 Proportional Relationships
6.13 Equations
6.14 Inequalities

I have also assigned some QUIZIZZ for review.  Please go to Join My Quiz

Use your initials and period or first name and period, ex. (Byron P3).  You can repeat these QUIZIZZ as many times as you like, please aim for at least an 85%.  

QUIZIZZ Math Topic




Fraction, Decimal & Percent Equivalence




Exponents & Perfect Squares


Operations with Integers


Multiply and Divide Fractions


One-Step Equations


One-Step Inequalities (Add/Sub)


Area & Perimeter of Rectangles


For easier access to the CLEVER application, please follow the below link. You will log in using your username and password.

For additional student resources, please visit the link below:
GHMS - SOL Review Resources

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