Hampton Staff Picture list of teachers below

Staff Picture

Front: Ms. Yousfi, Ms. Pincek, Ms. Miller, Ms. Husky dog, Ms. Franco, Ms , Mr Palen
Second : Parrish, Ayers, Everett, Holsopple, Mrs. Mitchel, Ms , Mrs Hussain, Ms O'Casey, Ms , Ms Sides, Mrs Abston, Mrs Dunlap
Third: Mrs. Yousfi, Mr. , Ms. Pietrandrea, Mr. Trachsel, Ms. Youle, Ms. , Mr. Snyder, Ms. Ms. Ms.
Fourth: Mr. Love, Ms McLaughlin, Ms. , Mr. Villanueva, Ms. Ms. Ms O'Casey, Ms,, , Ms , Mr Kozar, Ms Brown
Fifth: Ms. Ms. Parker, Mr Carson, Ms. Ms. Ms Ms Graham, Ms , Mr Tyler, Ms. Mr Chamarro, Ms. Ms.
Sixth(Back): Ms Gonsalves, Mr. Ms Dickens, Ms, Mr Ruhlman, Mr. Gay, Ms. Whittle, Mr Bev, Ms, Mrs, , Mr. Bye, Ms. Mrs. Thomas

School Hours:

Office will open at 8:00 and close at 3:00
Classes begin at 8:10AM, end at 3:00PM


Virtual Fall Bell Schedule