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    I just reread my previous post.  Note to self:  slow down and double check my work.  That being said, please excuse my sloppy work. Week 3 ended well;  I tied up loose ends and got a good handle on what my students need to stay on track. I'm happy to share that I emailed many students to touch base, say hello and let them know what they needed to do in order to improve their grades. In the process, I learned that one of my students not only read a book, but also enjoyed it!  Another student told me that his mother found a Pakistani board game for the family to play.  How cool is that?  Another student sent an email saying "hi."  My plan is to reach out to all of my students and their families and stay connected. There was a staff meeting at the end of the day Friday where we received clear direction on moving forward to the next phase of meeting the instructional needs of our students.  I was comforted by these marching orders and managed to jot down a few ideas for engaging my students in a virtual learning situation. In the meantime, I plan to spend my Spring Break (at home, of course) working on a few projects, keeping busy and staying connected. Enjoy!
    Posted by millerds  On Apr 04, 2020 at 12:40 PM
    Week 3 
    I decided to start a blog, afterall, this is a creative writing class and what better way to encourage you all to write.   Before I begin, I have to admit, I've been watching the news endlessly. Mostly CNN and local news from the DMV area.  My biggest takeaway is the repeated theme that 1) we are all in this together and 2) communication and connection are what will carry us through these long days of quarantine. The first week of our hiatus from school felt normal.  Frankly, I was exhausted and was grateful for the break.  During the 2nd week, restlessness began to creep in.  Thankfully, there opportunities to interact with my professional community discussing plans for moving forward.  Those connections were a blessing for no other reason than to her other people's thoughts beside my own.  We even set aside time to just connect - no work discussion - just connecting with colleagues and their lives. I am always amazed at the shared experiences and common themes in these conversations.  I am grateful for that experience. Week 3 - Professional Work Week.  Purposeful and directed.  I like that.  I've been disciplined and focused on meeting professional obligations, setting personal goals and working to meet both.  I have created a schedule to follow and have thrown in a few challenges as well.   My list of things to do include: walk/run 3 -5 miles daily, a workout (legs, arms, glutes, abs), 1 hour of professional reading, 1 hour of personal reading, beginning and completing project.  This week's project was cleaning my garage (done!)  This is all in addition to my work hours tending to my students and their learning. I invite all readers to join in this conversation to connect, share experiences or just comment. Dawn
    Posted by millerds  On Apr 01, 2020 at 1:27 PM
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