Health Treatment Plans:

Health treatment plans should be completed by the student's physician and delivered to the nurse at the start of each school year. Any accompanying medications must be delivered by the parent in original, unopened packaging with prescription label intact (when applicable) and unexpired. Students are not permitted to transport medications to and from school.

Virginia Asthma Action Plan

Updated Virginia Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP)

Seizure Action Plan

Cancer Care Plan

Authorization for Medication Administration Form

Clean Intermittent Catheterization Treatment Plan

Tube Feeding Treatment Plan

Medical Procedure Treatment Plan

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan
Request for Administration of Medication for Allergic Reactions
Student Epinephrine Self-Carry Authorization
Severe Allergy Individual Health Care Plan
Student Allergy History Form

Authorization to Implement Health Treatment Plans
(Must accompany ALL PWCS Health Treatment Plans)

Release of Medical Information Authorization