Crystal M. Graham

In Eighth Grade Language Arts, students learn English grammar, writing, and reading (nonfiction as well as fiction) in preparation for passing SOL exams later in the year and successfully transitioning to high school. Students are assessed on objectives and skills at least once every week or every other week, depending on how long it takes students to master the skill and other scheduling constraints. Homework is assigned as needed and is expected to be turned-in on time. The Learning Lab is designed as a class to provide additional assistance in the skills that are required in the 8th grade language arts curriculum. 


PWCS will be closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 School Year.  I will miss each and every one of you all, however I hope that you are being safe and still taking advantage of resources to prepare for High School. 

LEARNING LAB STUDENTS: Prior to leaving, there was a writing assignment due. Most of you have gotten the rough draft done. As per PWCS regulations, all assignment submissions have been extended to April 14, 2020. If you would like to submit this assignment you can find it in my Files and Documents. Please email me if you do not remember the topic that you were assigned. 

Before the school closing on March 13, Mrs. Graham's English Language Arts classes had all completed the writing portion of the curriculum and had taken both components of the Writing SOL – the multiple-choice exam and the short essay exam. THREE CHEERS TO ALL STUDENTS FOR YOUR HARD WORK IN ACHIEVING THAT MILESTONE!!  (The state of Virginia has not yet informed us of the results of these exams, and we do not expect to be informed of the results for a few more weeks.)

Students have also covered several of the Reading SOL strands in preparation for the Reading SOL which was scheduled for May but is now deferred. These Reading and Writing SOL strands that have been covered include the following:

8.1: Participate in small group learning activities.
8.4: Apply knowledge of word origins and figurative language to extend vocabulary.
8.5: Read and analyze a variety of fictional texts, literary nonfiction, poetry, and drama.
8.6: Read and analyze a variety of nonfiction texts.
8.7: Write in a variety of forms including narrative, expository, persuasive, and reflective.
8.8: Edit writing for capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, paragraphing, and standard English.

By the way, my electronic grade book available on The Hub, parent vue or student vue, is currently up to date with all assignments through March 13.

Going forward:  Since the writing portion of the curriculum has been completed for the most part, the remainder of this academic year will emphasize reading, particularly comprehension and analysis (i.e., SOLs 8.4, 8.5, and 8.6). Nonetheless, some writing activities will continue so that the learning from earlier this year continues to be strengthened and because the reading and writing domains strongly reinforce each other.