Nancy Kabbani


Class Description:
The learning lab is designed to teach the math content in a deeper differentiated way addressing students' goals with more visuals, hands-on, broken down assignments and one on one support.




Online Learning due to COVID 19: 
Students are encouraged to spend time on Prodigy Game.
Prodigy Math Game is an educational application that helps students learn mathematics and fill skills gaps in a fun way at school or at home. Teachers are able to track students' time spent on the app and which level they have reached.
Students were given their login information. Please send me an email if you have not received your login information.

Your schedule and assignments will be found in your Outlook Teams. Login to your 365 Office accounts, choose Teams from your outlook apps, and go into Math.

Online Resources:
Students can log into their CLEVER to find the following academic sites: IXL, Study Island, Khan academy, Jlab, etc.

Math Units of Pre-Algebra:

• Unit 1: Number Sense 

  • Order and compare Fractions, 

  • Decimals, Percentages, 

  • Scientific Notation (8.1) 

  • Positive and Negative Square 

  • Roots (8.3) 

  •  Real Number System (8.2) 


• Unit 2: Proportional Reasoning (8.4) 

  •  Sales Tax, Tips, Discount, Markup 

  •  Simple Interest, % increase and decrease 

  • Reconcile Account balance 


• Unit 3: Algebraic Reasoning Part 2 

  • Evaluating Expressions (8.14a) 

  •  Pythagorean Theorem (8.9) 


 Unit 4 : Geometry 

  • Angles, Transformations (8.5, 8.7) 


• Unit 5: Measurement 

  • Area and Perimeter (8.10) 

  • Volume and Surface Area (8.6). 


• Unit 6: Equations and Inequalities 

  • Simplify Algebraic Expressions (8.14 b) 

  • Multi-step Equation and Inequalities (8.18) 


• Unit 7: Functions and Graphing 

  • Slope, Relations, and Functions (8.16,8.15) 


• Unit 8: Probability and Statistics  

  •  Box plots, Scatter Plots, Probability. (8.11, 8.12, 8.13) 



Announcements and Assignments

    Class Announcements and Assignments can be found by logging into Parent/Student login (above).   Assignments are posted in the class calendar on the left.


Please make this link a Favorite in your browser.   You will need to login Students- your computer login/password  and parents- Parent Portal login/password