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May 6th Update:
Last week, my husband, daughter and I have welcomed a beautiful baby girl! I am currently out on Maternity Leave until June 11th. Please keep working on your coin toss challenge, mental health exercises, and creating your own challenge to keep growing mentally and physically! 

April 17th Update:

Hi Husky Families!
I have sent out an email with today's lesson/assignment attached. I have also attached it to Microsoft TEAMS. It is a Mental Health Exercise that is an extension off of the Stress Management Coping Strategy Stations we participated in class back in January. Students will simply list and analyze priorities in their daily life and create a schedule/routine to help them keep organized and stay up to date so they can learn to manage day to day activities and not stress over being overwhelmed. Please see "Files" for the documents for this exercise.

Please remember that students can use the DIY Coin Challenge
 as a means of staying active during this chaotic time. I will have a new challenge out next week!

Anything students need to retake/make up is due on April 24th and not the 14th! There is still time!

As of today, there is still no baby! But super soon!

March 31st Update:
Hi Husky Families!
I am currently working on workout challenges that were requested by many of you. Unfortunately, my teams page has me no longer allowed to post things and we are waiting for the right people to fix that problem! I will post them soon as well as send out an email involving all of the things I have added to keep you guys exercising mentally and physically! Remember, you can email me at any time! 

March 27th Update:
Hi Husky Families!
I hope to find you all well and finding the silver lining in our abrupt stop to the school year. I know in times where our routines and schedules are changed without notice, we may not know how to adjust or it could be difficult. 

On your Microsoft Teams Pages, I will be updating with Mental Health Exercises as well as Physical Activity Exercises you can do to challenge yourself as well as your family but to also create normalcy in your new found routines without school. 

Please reach out to me by email if you need help with anything or want to chat! I check my email periodically throughout the day and would love to hear how you are keeping yourself physically AND MENTALLY healthy!

Directions for Accessing Class Information and "Assignments:

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Resources to Move Your Body:

Stay Active at Home!

Create Your Workout- Fitness Videos

Create a Workout-Fitness Videos

Daily Workouts to Follow

Age Appropriate Yoga Videos

Yoga to Keep Your Body Moving

Yoga Video

Yoga to Keep You Moving

Meditation for a Calm Mind:

Guided Meditation for Kids


Units and Standards to Date:


August 26th-September 6th

Social Development: PE/Locker Room Etiquitte and Procedures

September 9th-20th

Cooperation and Problem Solving Skills: (6.4a,b,d) (7.1c,7.4b,7.4c,7.4e) (8.4c,8.4e,8.4f, 8.4g)

September 23rd-October 11th

Personal Fitness Analysis & Goal Setting/RPE (If time allows) (6.3a,6.3c,6.3e,6.3f,6.3h,6.5b) (7.3a, 7.3b) (8.1f,8.2a,8.2f,8.3a,8.3b,8.4a,8.5f,8.5g)

October 15th-November 1st

Body Systems (6.1a, 6.1d) (7.1a, 7.1h, 7.2d, 7.3a) (8.1a, 8.1g, 8.1h, 8.1l,8.2a, 8.2b, 8.3a)

November 6th-26th

Games and Sports: Invasion (6.1c, 6.2b, 6.2d) (7.1a, 7.1b, 7.1e, 7.2a, 7.3e) (8.1a, 8.1c, 8.1e, 8.1h, 8.2c)

December 2nd-20th

Games & Sports: Net and Wall (6.1d, 6.2a, 6.2c) (7.2b, 7.2c, 7.2d, 7.1f) (8.1d, 8.1j, 8.2b, 8.2d, 8.2e)

January 6th-January 24th

Fitness Reflection & Future Wellness Planning

January 28th-February 10th

Mental/Emotional Health

February 11th-February 24th

Games & Sports: Net and Wall (6.1d, 6.2a, 6.2c) (7.2b, 7.2c, 7.2d, 7.1f) (8.1d, 8.1j, 8.2b, 8.2d, 8.2e)

February 25th-March 9th

March 10th-March 23rd

Dance & Rhythms (6.1b) (7.1d, 7.1e) (8.1b, 8.1e, 8.4c, 8.4g)


Directions for accessing class information:
Directions for accessing class information:
Directions for accessing class information: