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Find assignments in TEAMS. If you have any problems please contact me.


Welcome to Reading Strategies class!  I am Mrs. Wall-Smith,  your Reading Teacher.  I love reading and writing.  One of the things I enjoyed most when I was around your age was entering the "Young Author's Contest" at my school.  It was a chance for students to write pieces of work, assemble it in a creatively designed book, and enter it in a contest.  The furthest I went was Regionals, but I was happy to get that far.  I am so happy you have found your way here and we get to share some time together. Spending the next few months with you exploring different strategies and techniques to support your reading will be an adventure. During this time we will meet exciting characters through the books we share and connect with.  We will also learn how reading relates to all the other subjects, because READING IS EVERYWHERE!

Class Description:

Reading Strategies class is designed to support Language Arts as well as other course curriculum.  In this class, the focus is to learn objectives from the Virginia Standards of Learning using various researched based strategies and techniques. Those strategies and techniques will be delivered through various ways such as reading, writing, presenting, collaborating, and more all while gaining an appreciation and love for reading.

Current Assignment:

Check Useful Links in Class Pages.  This will take you to the Youtube page:  Mrs. Wall-Smith Reads.  Here is where you will find stories or novels I am currently reading.  You may just listen if you are in the mood for a good story.  The assignments for the stories are currently in TEAMS and under Assignments in School Messenger.  Here is where I have also left you a personal message.  This is for your enjoyment.  I will be adding additional links in days to come.



Class Hours for our Instruction: 

Friday 10:00-11:30

Office Hours:  

Thursday 1:30-3:00

Class Schedule:

Homeroom 8:00-8:20 
 Period 2 8:20-9:13
 Period 3 9:16-10:03
 Period 5 10:59-11:49
 Period 6 11:52-1:15
 Lunch 12:35-1:15
 Period 8  2:08-2:58